SMPL Blender addon

The SMPL Blender Add-on is an extension of the SMPL-X Blender add-on. It is designed for editing, reshaping, and animating SMPL-H, SMPL-X, and SUPR bodies in Blender. The add-on is accessible to users with an active SMPL Model license or those using Meshcapade’s 3D avatar platform.

Key features:

  • Edit, Reshape, and Animate SMPL Bodies: Enables users to work with SMPL-H, SMPL-X, and SUPR bodies in Blender, offering tools for editing, reshaping, and animating these models.
  • Comprehensive Body Components: Each body includes a mesh, a shape-specific skeleton, and blendshapes for body shape, facial expressions, and pose correctives.
  • Licensed Users Features: Additional features for licensed users include adding unlimited SMPL bodies to scenes, creating avatars from scratch, and loading .npz files with body shape definitions and animations.
  • Pose Correctives: Offers statistically accurate pose-based deformations for Meshcapade avatars, allowing for normal animation and posing with additional pose corrective calculations.
  • Facial Expressions for SMPL-X and SUPR Bodies: Comes with pre-baked facial expressions and tools for more detailed control of facial expressions.
  • Shape Modification and Pose Loading: Provides tools for modifying body shape and loading poses, available with additional data folders.
  • Additional Tools: Includes various tools like fixing pose correctives for entire sequences and modifying metadata on avatars.