The Smart Fill addon for Blender 2.8 makes the F2 shortcut even smarter than it already is. It combines Make-face, Grid-fill, Bridge and provides more options in the operator. You can even fill missing faces in a UV-sphere and the UV-Sphere will be as it was in it’s original state.

On we focus on free addons. But for such an addon for just 3 dollars, I decided to include this addon. It will be in the paid category though. So you can see it on the tag or label.

How the Smart Fill Addon works

Well, no need to explain much; just press F2. Ok, you need to make a proper selection and set the properties. Below a video of how the addon works. In the video you will see smart fill, grid fill, bridge, and shows what to select.

Overview of the profile shapes

Inverse Square:
 Inverse Square Profile Shape

Linear Profile Shape
Root Profile Shape
Sharp Profile Shape
Sphere Profile Shape

The options in the Operator

Depending on the selection or what you are going to fill, the operator will show different options for each. Here an example when you perform a bridge operation.

Smart Fill addon - Operator
Smart Fill – Operator

Where to download the Smart Fill addon?

You can get the Smart Fill addon on Gumroad. You can unzip the fill and install in Blender. (In case you see in the .zip file an file then you need to install the .zip file. In Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons. There you browse to the file and press Install. Activate the addon, save preferences and refresh.

More information

You can find more information about this addon on this thread on As you see, at the moment there could be an issue when you tick the box in the preferences called “reset values”. So in case you get an error, then you know that it could be that setting.

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