SketchNCarve is an add-on that enhances 3D modeling by integrating with Blender’s Grease Pencil tools. It transforms sketches into 3D geometry effortlessly, offering a new modeling approach that bypasses traditional vertex manipulation. The add-on is particularly appealing to 2D artists exploring 3D modeling, as it simplifies the transition.

Key Features:

  • Sketch to Geometry Conversion: Enables users to convert drawings into 3D models with a single click, streamlining the modeling process.
  • Comprehensive Feature Set: From modeling to animation and simulation, SketchNCarve includes a variety of features for working with mesh geometry and curves, enriched by the addition of Shape Animation.
  • Versatile Operations: Supports ADD (Union), REMOVE (Difference), Intersect, and Slice (Thickness) operations, accommodating both destructive and nondestructive workflows.
  • Advanced Drawing Styles: Offers drawing styles such as Join Strokes, Join Sketchy, Join Shapes, and Concentric Shapes, enhancing creative possibilities.
  • Surface Drawing Capabilities: Allows for drawing on surfaces and projecting strokes onto surfaces, complemented by Shrink Wrap for precise adjustments.
  • Modifiers for Enhanced Modeling: Incorporates a range of modifiers including Mirror, Carve, Spin, Array, and Curve Deform, with options for custom curves.
  • Curve Objects with Customization: Facilitates the use of curve objects with customizable profiles and tapers, featuring options for random extrusion lengths and a Knife Tool for freehand cutting.
  • Simulation Integration: Sketch N’ Simulate is included for engaging with rigid body physics, cloth, and soft body simulations, expanding the dynamic aspects of modeling.