Sketch N’ Cage is an add-on that enhances mesh deformation and shape animation capabilities by utilizing Blender’s Grease Pencil. It allows users to convert sketches into “Cage Deform” objects, automatically creating shape keys ready for animation.

Key Features:

  • Grease Pencil Integration: Enables the creation of Cage objects by drawing any desired shape using Grease Pencil tools.
  • Interactive Editing: Allows for real-time, interactive editing of Cage shapes in their final form.
  • Mute Button: Features a mute button for making alterations to the sketch at any stage without losing progress.
  • Cage Resolution Control: Offers a Simplify slider to control the resolution of the Cage, balancing detail and performance.
  • Join Strokes: Simplifies the creation of complex shapes through the easy combination of multiple strokes.
  • Extrusion Tools: Provides extrusion with subdivisions and symmetric extrusion for creating detailed Cage shapes.
  • Automatic Shape Keys: Generates Shape Keys automatically, readying them for animation.
  • Spin Tool: Includes a spin tool for crafting circular Cage shapes.
  • Mirror Tool: Offers a mirror tool for creating symmetrical Cage shapes along any axis.
  • Advanced Modelling Options: Supports subdivision surfaces and remesh modifiers for creating lattice-like geometries.
  • Precise Transformations: Enables precise scaling, rotating, and translating of Cage shapes for optimal placement.

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