Simple Lattice

The Simple Lattice Addon is another addon that creates a lattice after selecting an object or vertices. While the Fast Lattice Addon creates an entry in the N-Panel, this addon doesn’t. Here an attempt to find other differences.

How to use the Simple Lattice Addon?

It’s pretty simple. You can select an object and activate the add-on by going to Object (menu-bar in the 3D viewport) and click Create Lattice (at the bottom). An operator pops up, and there you have several options.

Simple Lattice - Operator
Simple lattice – Operator
  • Orientation. Choose between Global, Local or Cursor. When choosing Global, the lattice will be aligned to the World-coordinates. And with Local the lattice will be aligned to the Object-coordinates. Interesting is the cursor. While the operator is still open, you can press Shift + Right Mouse Click to place the 3D cursor. The 3D cursor has rotation data nowadays and so the lattice can be aligned to the rotation of the 3D cursor. A use-case could be that you want to deform an object in relation to another objects’s face’s angle. (Hard to explain it properly).
  • Resolution. Here we can define the resolution for the lattice in the operator. The higher the values the more control points you will get in the lattice.
  • Interpolation. This is as shown as in the Fast Lattice addon. We have BSpine, Linear, Catmull-rom and Cardinal. I prefer the option Linear in most cases.

You can also go in Edit mode, select some faces. Then in the menu bar, go to Mesh > Create Lattice.

Use cases

As I mentioned before, I never bothered that much using lattice before because that was such a hassle. I thought “Oh, I just sculpt it, or go in Edit mode”. But now, with these add-ons it a matter of a click or two to setup a lattice, I found out interesting things. For example did you know that you can add modifiers to a lattice? This means the object has a modifier which is a lattice, and then the lattice itself has also a modifier. Here the modifiers compatible with a lattice again:

Lattice enabled modifiers
Lattice enabled modifiers

Interesting is to give the lattice a Soft-body modifier. Or Hooks for example. Let me know in the comments if you come to interesting ideas.

Where to download the Simple Lattice Addon?

You can download the Simple lattice addon on Github. Installation goes as usuall. Click the green button on the right, download .zip. In Blender go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Browse to the .zip file, press install. Enable the addon.

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