Shot Matcher

Shot Matcher is a Blender add-on designed to enhance the compositing workflow by matching two layers or shots together through color grading. By analyzing the color ranges of two layers, the add-on applies the necessary adjustments directly in the compositor, streamlining the process of achieving consistent color grading across different shots or layers.

Key features:

  • Layer Selection: Define the scope of the active material, active object, selected objects, or all materials in the Blender file.
  • Auto Calculator: Automatically determines the max and min RGB values for the selected image or video, with an alpha threshold option for transparency considerations.
  • Color Picker: Allows users to manually select “white” and “black” values from specific areas of an image, with the option to reset picks if needed.
  • Set as Selected: Enables users to set the current image or video being viewed as the target or source for color matching.
  • Compositor Integration: Directly applies color grading adjustments to the Blender compositor, with options for both the color balance node and the alpha over node.
  • Supported Nodes: Incorporates a variety of nodes, including the auto calculator, color picker, and more, to provide flexibility in color grading.
  • Usage Guide: Detailed instructions on how to select target and source layers, analyze colors, and generate node groups for effective color matching.
  • Auto-saving and Purging: Automatically saves layer settings for each image and movie clip used and purges unused settings to optimize storage.