Shot Master is a Blender add-on designed to enhance the animation creation process. It encompasses five distinct functional blocks that cater to camera control, dependencies, shots, markers, and overall workflow improvement.

Key features:

  • Camera List:
    • Unique Camera Creation: Generate cameras with distinct names.
    • Instant Settings Modification: Adjust settings like focal length and mode (orthogonal, perspective, or panoramic) on the fly.
    • Camera Visualization: View all cameras in an organized list.
    • Effortless Camera Switching: Transition between cameras with a single click.
  • Camera Constraints:
    • Quick Dependency Assignment: Track objects with a single click.
    • Accessible Dependency Parameters: All essential parameters are readily available.
    • Easy Camera Tracking: Assign cameras to track objects seamlessly.
  • Shot List:
    • Unique Shot Addition: Incorporate new shots with distinct names.
    • Camera Association: Link a specific camera to each shot and modify the shot list effortlessly.
    • Automatic Frame Playback: Play shots with auto frame configuration.
    • Import/Export Functionality: Transfer the shot list for collaborative efforts.
    • Flexible Frame Range Setup: Define frame range based on time, specified value, or current frame.
  • Markers:
    • Enhanced Marker Navigation: Generate a marker list for improved animation navigation.
    • Camera-Marker Attachment: Link a camera to a marker with a single click.
    • Quick Marker Access: Navigate to any marker instantly.
    • Marker Management: Rename, reposition, duplicate, and import/export markers with ease.
  • Quick Panel:
    • Active Camera Setting: Define the active camera with a click.
    • Active Camera Highlighting: Identify the active camera in the scene instantly.
    • Collection Navigation: Traverse collections, delete, and group-rotate cameras towards the 3D cursor.
    • One-Click Object Tracking: Assign object tracking for the camera effortlessly.
    • Instant Shot Start: Set the beginning of a shot to the current frame position.

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