Shot Manager

Shot Manager is a Blender add-on designed to enhance render management and shot design by saving frame ranges, render cameras, view layers, and output paths. Ideal for splitting a single timeline animation for game animation and multi-cam rendering setups, it benefits pre-production and independent creators.

Key features:

  • Frame Range and Camera Management: Save and manage different frame ranges and render cameras for various shots.
  • View Layer Automation: Automatically switch active view layers to shot-specified layers for visualization, animatics, and concept design.
  • Preview Layer: Work with a shared preview view layer, suitable for film and animatics.
  • Overlapping and Non-overlapping Shots: Handle complex render layers or multi-cam setups, and manage non-overlapping animations for games.
  • Shots as Passes: Create complex render passes using overlapping shots with different render layers, passes, and overrides.
  • Interactive Overlay: Re-time, trim, slice, and join shots directly in the 3D window.
  • Custom Rules and Macros: Assign custom rules to shots or construct macros using RNA rules.
  • Advanced Batch Rendering: Support for SM Batch Render, Playblast, B-Renderon, Flamenco, and Deadline, with batch export options for OpenGL, USD, FBX, OBJ, ABC, DAE, BLEND, and BAT formats.
  • Auto Output Generation: Construct file paths, group, and filter passes into outputs or EXR layers.
  • Burn-In Editor: Add custom burn-ins linked to any scene data to manage multi-software pipelines.
  • Node-Based Integrations:
    • Shot Output: Generate file outputs and sync file paths on output nodes.
    • Path Constructor: Create node-based directories and file names.
    • Multi-Switch: Redirect compositor node flow based on the active shot.
    • Primary-Switch: Render layer input that uses the shot’s primary layer.
    • Output Generator: Define view layers and individual passes, and combine them into multi-layer EXRs or separate files.
    • Group Insert: Add node groups for compositor adjustments.
    • Image Format: Define the desired file format for output chains.
    • Cryptomatte Insert: Extract Cryptomatte data from passes.
    • Collections Inspector: Track holdout, indirect, and render states for collections.
    • Output Viewer: Display output files and reveal paths in the explorer or view in the image editor.
  • Shot Sequence Editor: Manage sequence playback, scrubbing modes, and custom presets.
  • Backup with JSON: Backup settings and configurations using JSON.
  • Version Options:
    • Shot Manager 2.0 Pro: Includes SM nodes, Shot Rules, Macros, SM Batch Render and integrations, batch export, shot sequence editor, and Burn-In editor.
    • Shot Manager 2.0 Lite: Features the latest Shot properties and new Shot linking options, supports reading JSON backups from older versions 0.7+, and is updated alongside the Pro version.
    • $15 Shot Manager Pro 0.7: Legacy version for Blender 3.5-3.6, including the Shot Sequence Editor, SM Nodes, SM Batch render and integrations, batch export, and more. Contains Blender 4.0-4.1 compatibility update.

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