The Shortcut VUr addon for Blender shows on the left of the 3D viewport 3 mouse buttons that the keystroke that has been pressed. This is pretty convenient for when you post some tutorials on YouTube. The addons shows keystrokes, but as far as I could try it out, it doesn’t show keystrokes like G Y (Grab on the Y axis). It simply shows G in that case. It shows shift-G, Ctrl-G etc, and Alt – Leftmouse, shift – leftmouse and such combinations.

Screenshot of the shortcut_VUr  addon by Jayanam for blender 2.8.
Display mouse and keyboard input in the viewport.


EV Express update to 10.3 on Blender Market And Gumroad. Eight presets added that each contain a building, lights and probes. All you have to do is bake indirect light and fill the building with assets.

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Graphic- and 3D design.

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