Shelf Made is an add-on that acts as a quick script shelf, enabling users to run any Python script within a specified folder directly from Blender. It simplifies the process of managing and executing scripts, enhancing the Blender workflow with custom functionalities.

Key Features:

  • Rename & Re-order Shelves and Scripts: Users can customize their script organization, including setting icons for easy identification.
  • Column Counts & Button Sizes: Allows for the adjustment of column counts and button sizes on shelves.
  • Choose Which Shelf is Visible in Which Editor: Offers the ability to control the visibility of shelves in different Blender editors.
  • Run Any Other Text Datablock: Enables the execution of any text datablock ending in .py from the Local Scripts panel.
  • Edit Scripts Directly in the Blender Text Editor: Provides a seamless workflow for editing scripts within Blender’s native text editor.
  • Save Any Text Directly to One of Your Shelves: Allows users to save text directly to a shelf from the text editor.
  • Run Adjusted Local Copies from the Local Scripts Panel: Supports the execution of adjusted local copies of scripts.
  • Save Edited Scripts Back to Their Source: Facilitates saving changes made to scripts back to the original source file.