Shape Keys+ is an add-on that enhances the default Shape Keys panel, providing a more extensive panel filled with additional features for an efficient and streamlined workflow in creating, sorting, viewing, and driving shape keys. It is tailored for managing a substantial number of shape keys, aiming to reduce the time and effort for various operations.

Key Features:

  • Folders: Facilitates the organization and management of shape keys with the use of folders.
  • Shape Key Placement: Allows control over the automatic placement of shape keys post specific operations.
  • Copy Shape Key: Enables duplication of the shape key along with its driver and selected properties, supporting simultaneous copying and mirroring.
  • Multi-Selection: Perform operations on multiple shape keys and folders concurrently. Compatible with “New Shape From Mix,” enabling the creation of a new shape from selected shape keys.
  • Driver Sub-Panel: Offers the ability to view and edit the driver for a shape key’s value directly within the Shape Keys+ panel.

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