Shape Key Transfer

Shape Key Transfer is an add-on designed to transfer shape keys between meshes of different topologies in Blender. It is particularly useful for situations where shape keys need to be copied from one mesh to another, even if the meshes have different structures.

Key features:

  • Transfer Shape Keys Between Different Topologies: Enables the transfer of shape keys between meshes that have different topologies.
  • Shape Key Management: Allows users to manage which shape keys are transferred by adding exclusions.
  • Copy Shape Key Names to Clipboard: Provides a feature to copy all shape key names of a mesh to the clipboard for easy reference.
  • Increment Radius Adjustment: Includes an option to increase the number of vertices from the source mesh affecting the destination mesh through the Increment Radius setting.
  • Use Closest Vertex Option: When turned off, the add-on averages the locations of all nearby vertices within the Increment Radius for more precise control.
  • Efficiency with Fewer Vertices: The operation runs faster with fewer vertices in the source mesh.
  • Additional Functionality: The add-on also allows for the deletion of all shape keys in a mesh.