ShaderNodesExtra2.80 is a Blender add-on that simplifies the creation of custom nodes for Cycles, focusing on GPU compatibility and enhanced functionality.

Key features:

  • Utilities for Cycles PyNodes: Aims to simplify the creation of new custom nodes for Cycles, with GPU compatibility.
  • Integration as Ordinary Nodegroup: Works internally like an ordinary nodegroup, but allows for complete customization of the node layout and added functionality.
  • ShaderNodeBase API: Includes the ShaderNodeBase API with functions like addNode, delNode, addInput, delInput, addOutput, delOutput, addLink, and delLink.
  • Custom Node Setup: Nodes created with this API should call setupTree() in the init() function and have a defaultNodeTree() for the initial node configuration.
  • Menu Editor and Node Categories: While currently nodes define their menu categories, plans are in place to separate menu editing from custom nodes.
  • Nodegroup to PyNode Converter: Features a converter operator that can write a custom node based on a selected nodegroup.
  • Custom Nodes Category: Automatically adds converted nodes to the ‘Custom Nodes’ category, with the option to change this through a draw_menu function in the node script.
  • Sample Nodes: Shares sample nodes to demonstrate possibilities, including DisplacementBake, NormalBake, SwitchFloat, Compare, Interpolate, and Loop.