Shader Node Wizard integrates various features into Blender’s Material Node Editor, enabling users to easily use masks for mixing material layers or adding effects. The add-on allows for the adjustment of masks with different grunge textures, providing a wide range of variations.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Pie Menu: Includes standard nodes, mask nodes, and tool nodes.
  • Create PBR Setup: Automatically generates material nodes from sets of PBR files, featuring controls like hue, saturation, value, brightness, and contrast.
  • Mix Normal with Other Layers: Allows for the transfer of normals from one material layer to another.
  • Reduce Texture Repetition: Provides two algorithms to minimize the effects of texture repetition.
  • Parallax Mapping: Enables parallax mapping for every PBR set with a height map, compatible with both Cycles and Eevee.
  • Create Grunge Setup: Outputs a gray image and a bump map, with various controls for detailed adjustments.
  • Node Visualization: Shows a small preview on top of image texture nodes and node groups.
  • PBR Extractor: Creates color ramps from a PBR set’s color, metallic, roughness, and specular information.
  • Mask Nodes: Builds black/white masks using geometry information and at least one grunge map.
  • Predefined Common Materials: Offers quick materials like galvanized metal, paint, leather, moss, mud, and mold.
  • Painting Support: Enables painting on IM or FX nodes in the shader graph.