SfM Flow

SfM Flow is a Blender add-on that provides a comprehensive toolset for evaluating 3D reconstruction pipelines.

Key features:

  • 3D Reconstruction Evaluation: Facilitates the evaluation of 3D reconstructions using Structure from Motion (SfM) pipelines, comparing the results with the virtual scene‚Äôs exact geometry.
  • Image Generation from Virtual 3D Scenes: Enables the creation of images from virtual 3D scenes for subsequent 3D reconstruction.
  • Support for Various Setups: Includes support for different lighting, depth of field, and motion blur setups to test 3D reconstruction pipelines under common critical conditions.
  • Scene Initialization Tools: Offers tools for defining the 3D scene, including object placement, environment setting, and lighting setup.
  • Camera and Sun Animation: Simplifies the camera animation process for image acquisition and allows for sun animation to simulate different times of the day.
  • Data Generation: Generates synthetic images and camera ground truth information, with options for motion blur and depth of field effects.
  • Pipeline Execution: Directly runs 3D reconstruction pipelines from the user interface, supporting popular incremental SfM pipelines.
  • Reconstruction Evaluation: Evaluates the geometry and camera poses of the reconstructed point cloud against the virtual 3D model.
  • Command Line Execution: Offers additional command line parameters for rendering complex scenes, suitable for server-based execution.
  • Impact and Usage: Ideal for researchers and users evaluating existing 3D reconstruction pipelines or developing new methods, integrating with Blender for ease of use.