SetWizard addon – Selection Sets Manager

Hello everyone,

I created SetWizard to optimize workflows and increase efficiency.
This addon offers selection sets,camera switching, frame range adjustment, Python commands and much more .

SetWizard goes beyond basic set management ,change render output path, adjust the frame ranges and jump between them, find objects in the outliner by words or tags, Make objects Holdout even if the collection is not marked as Holdout .

 All these features are making it easier to manipulate sets and perform actions related to them. 

Basic Features:

  • Create and manage object selection sets
  • Add or remove objects from sets
  • Disable selection in viewport
  • Disable visibility in viewport
  • Disable visibility in render
  • Make object Holdout
  • Change object color in viewport
  • hange shading mode
  • Show wireframe on selected objects
  • Show objects names

Advanced Features:

  • Add tags to sets for easy filtering in the outliner
  • Change frame range
  • Change file output
  • Change active camera
  • Streamlining Efficiency with Python & Drivers

General  Features:

  • Create new collection from objects sets.
  • fast outliner filter type 

SetWizard is fully customizable to fit your specific needs and preferences with it’s intuitive user interface streamlines your workflow get more control over your objects and scene.

Created with Serpens addon with the grate help of Serpens Discord channel .

More info :

Happy Blending !

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