Serpens – Visual Scripting Blender Addon

Serpens is a Visual Scripting Blender Addon for creating your very own addons inside Blender, without needing any coding.

You can use it to add new workflows, shortcuts and features to Blender, without needing to hire somebody to code everything for you. I used it for the creation of the addon Camera Size Presets and it made the process so much easier.

To Buy this addon, you can visit the addon page at Gumroad or BlenderMarket. Gumroad gives the creator more money, but BlenderMarket gives some of the proceeds to the blender dev fund:

How easy is It?

While it still has a learning curve and somethings will go way over your head, it has a very active and helpful discord where Joshua Knauber, the owner is very helpful, He has also added documentation which makes it a lot easier to get an idea of what each node does, without asking in the discord every time you are wondering.

Serpens Blender Addon Example

Who is The Serpens Blender Addon For?

This addon is for anyone who:

  • Feels Blender is Lacking in certain area, and wants to improve it.
  • Has a feature they want to add.
  • Does some process over and over, and wants to automate it

Is this you? If so, give it a try for fifteen dollars, it’s an amazing bargain.

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  • March 23, 2023 at 5:12 pm

    Thanks for the great explanation of the advanced features and how they work, making them easy to understand even for those who are new to Blender. Thank you very much for the helpful guide on how to use the add-on.
    Great job and great informative and valuable article.


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