Section Box is a Blender add-on tailored for architectural visualization and product design. It provides tools for creating views, cross sections, and elevations, integrating smoothly into the user’s workflow.

Key Features:

  • Section Box Creation: Enables instantiation of Section Boxes around selected objects or collections.
  • Cross Sections: Simplifies the process of creating customizable cross sections.
  • Elevations: Assists in generating elevations, either independently or in combination with sections.
  • DXF Export: Allows for the export of sections and elevations as DXF files, with organization into separate layers.
  • Design Transformation: Offers control over transforming designs to enhance views.
  • Preset System for Views: Users can save different states as views and revisit them as needed.
  • Animation Capabilities: Provides the option to keyframe settings, including animating the section box itself for dynamic visual presentations.