Sculpt Alphas Manager

Sculpt Alphas Manager

Pretty handy when you can see previews of textures for sculpting in categories. And that is what the Sculpt Alphas Manager Addon is doing. Just organise you textures in folder and in the addon’s preference you give in the directory. When you sculpt, you can find easily your texture.

Nowadays, it might be an idea to start your model in sculpt mode. The tools for sculpting are improved and now this addon might encourage us to take a look at this option. There are several workflows to create final mesh from a sculpt. We could to manual retopo with one of the addons available, or remesh it with quad remesher. I tried out a few options and I think I go for the Quad Remesher. Another option for me to start with a cube and line that up with the sculpt. Then subdivide it a few times and line it up again with the sculpt. Anyway, it’s always nice to have this Sculpt Alphas Manager Addon. It doesn’t occupy the N-Panel.

How does the Sculpt Alphas Manager work?

It’s pretty simple. You need to have first some textures for sculpting. Here you find some examples, but surely there are other, more convenient textures for sculpting to download. Organise the textures in a folder with subfolders. For example: Main folder called brushes, that contains folders like Stone, Organic, Tech, Skin, etc.

Then install the addon, and in the preferences you fill in the path (the folder called Brushes in our example). Save the preference and refresh And when you go now in sculpt mode, you find the textures in the properties panel or in the menu on top of the 3d view-port.

Where to download the Sculpt Alphas Manager Addon?

You can download the Sculpt Alphas Manager addon on Github. In case you are using the Chrome webbrowser, then you go to raw view of the file on Github. Then, when you right click on the file you can save it as a .py file.

Or if you use Edge, then you can download the .zip file. But in that case you need to unzip the .zip file and install

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