Script To Button

Script To Button is an add-on that provides the functionality to convert Blender scripts into buttons.

Key Features:

  • Script Conversion to Buttons: Allows users to transform their Blender scripts into buttons, making scripts easily accessible and executable within Blender.
  • Script Saving: The add-on saves scripts so they can be used in any other Blender project, enhancing the reusability of scripts across different projects.
  • Property Definition for Scripts: Users can define properties for their scripts, enabling the incorporation of user input into the script’s functionality.
  • Control Panel: Features a control panel with options to add new buttons, remove existing ones, and load buttons from the disk or text editor.
  • Script Management: Provides options to save all buttons to the disk, load selected buttons into the Texteditor, and reload linked scripts.
  • Editing and Exporting: Offers the ability to rename and remove properties of selected buttons and to export buttons as .py files or a .zip file.
  • Import Functionality: Enables the import of .py files or .zip files, allowing multiple files to be imported simultaneously.