Scatter Addon Pack is a collection of six individual add-ons designed to enhance various aspects of Blender projects. From scattering rocks and creating bursts to simulating water and adding graffiti decals, this pack offers a wide range of functionalities.

Key Features:

  • Rock Scatter: Allows for the scattering of rocks or stones on any surface, complete with a foliage tool for weight paint-based scattering.
  • Burst Addon: Creates bursts that can be used as water splashes, ground burst explosions, snow bursts, and more.
  • Fast Water Addon: Offers real-time water simulation using particles, including an integrated ocean and ripple system.
  • Graffiti Decal Addon: Comes with a variety of graffiti presets.
  • Typo Text Addon: Provides a Blender Font Typeface Addon.
  • Garbage Addon: Focuses on scattering trash objects like bottles, cans, drinks, sodas, papers, packings, debris, and more.