Saved Views is an add-on that enhances the user’s experience by allowing them to save specific viewport locations along with thumbnails. It facilitates quick navigation and object selection directly from the viewport, eliminating the frequent need to access the outliner.

Key Features:

  • Viewport Object Selection: Enables users to find and select objects by name directly from the viewport, bypassing the outliner.
  • Thumbnail Integration: Automatically captures and saves thumbnails for each saved view, providing a visual reference.
  • Quick Access: The Saved Views panel can be accessed via the view section of the N-Panel or with the shortcut CTRL+W, which is customizable in preferences.
  • Save and Remove Views: Easily save new views with the + button or delete existing ones with the – button.
  • Local View State Preservation: When saving views, the local view state is also stored, allowing users to revert to the local view by simply selecting the saved view.
  • Camera List: Offers a list for swift switching between different camera views.
  • Search Functionality: Users can search for Saved Views by name for rapid switching.