Rig UI Pro is an add-on designed to enhance the rig UI and its functionalities. It’s tailored for users who require advanced control over bone collections, visibility bookmarks, custom properties, armature extras, and specific panels for popular armatures like AutoRig Pro and Rigify.

Key features:

  • Bone Collections Management: Manage buttons for each bone collection and pin collections for display. Options include isolating collection visibility, selecting all bones in a collection, toggling visibility, and configuring bone collections.
  • Bone Collection Move Mode: Move elements to other bone collections through an intuitive UI, with options to display unpinned groups and fade out other collections.
  • Visibility Bookmarks: Store and recall the current view state of bone collections with one click, allowing easy swapping between FK/IK and other controls.
  • Custom Properties Panel: Pin any existing custom property of any bone into a panel, manage all custom properties from the UI, and edit them as needed.
  • Grouping with Styles: Group bone collections and custom properties with various style options for a personalized rig UI.
  • Pop-Up Panel: Access the Rig UI from anywhere in the 3D viewport with a configurable hotkey.
  • General Options: Change the sidebar for the Rig UI, export basic UI for the rig, and rearrange modules.
  • Armature Extras: Includes several UI tools for working with the armature directly from the UI panel, such as pose toggles, mode switches, and display options.
  • Extra Panels for AutoRig-Pro and Rigify: Custom features based on the selected bone are conveniently placed in panels in the UI.

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