RenderSet is a render manager designed for automating and streamlining the rendering process in Blender.

Key Features:

  • Render Contexts: Allows users to change the context of a scene with a single click. These contexts remember different cameras, worlds, collections, frames, and settings. They can be set for both still images and animations.
  • Batch Rendering: With the scene and contexts set up, users can simply press “Render All” to initiate the rendering process for all checked contexts based on preset preferences.
  • Context from Viewport: Creates a new context and camera from the current view with just a click, functioning like a snapshot.
  • Context per Camera: Enables users to select cameras and generate contexts instantly, particularly useful when dealing with files containing multiple cameras.
  • User Interface: Features a clean and streamlined UI that is easy to navigate and understand, keeping important settings readily accessible.
  • Rendering Passes: Automatically saves all checked passes, which can be used to split rendered images for individual editing or to extract data such as depth or normals.