RenderNode is an add-on focused on providing a node-based design and render workflow.

Key Features:

  • Geometry Nodes Field Style Workflow: Designed to simplify and speed up the workflow in Blender using a geometry nodes field style approach.
  • Group Nodes: Allows users to group various nodes together for better organization and efficiency.
  • New Switch Node: Introduces a new switch node applicable for all types of sockets, removing the need for a ‘Variants Node’.
  • Input Nodes: Includes a variety of input nodes such as object, material, float, vector, int, bool, and string.
  • Utility Nodes: Offers utility nodes for different operations, including math/vector, boolean math, and string operations.
  • Get/Set Nodes: Provides nodes to get and set various properties.
  • New Render List Node and Index Node: Features a new render list node and a node for obtaining the render list index.
  • UI Enhancements:
    • Removes the old draw outline, opting instead to display process time and node names.
    • Includes dynamic enums/sockets that adapt to user preferences like render engine and color management.
    • Incorporates a power selector for switching the active task in the render list node.