Render Burst

With the Render Burst addon you press Render and it will render out for each camera. With this in mind, why don’t we drop a bunch of camera in the scene. After that we press the Render Button. While blender keeps on rendering for a while we have time to grab a coffee. How does that sound?

Even more exciting in combination with other addons.

Now, to drop a bunch of camera’s into the scene and place them properly takes some time. But for that we have another addon called Camera’s Lister. So with the right addons you can make Blender a real paradise. Here is the idea; get Render Burst, Photographer and the Camera’s lister. (And EV Express, but that is a commercial plugin). Then the whole story setting up a scene in Blender quickly is done. (Ok, we need probably also an asset manager.)

Download and installation

Ah, this time we need to unpack first the zip-file after downloading. You can download the zip file from Github. Owh, what do we see there? The Render Burst addon is from Gleb! Gleb Alexandrov! One Day he will be proud he is mentioned on Hehe, I am joking, maybe I made to many articles today. Back to business.

So after unpacking you choose the right .py file. That will be then, for Blender 2.80, As usual in Blender go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install.

A few tips on using the Render Burst addon.

As usual I don’t like reading documentation and as a result I made some mistakes. First I didn’t unpack the .zip file and secondly I didn’t set the output in the properties > Render tab. In other words; don’t forget to set the output folder. Render Burst will put the render there and not in a slot as I expected.


The Render Burst is from Gleb so it must be good. Eh, I am kidding again. Render burst is a time saver, especially in combination with other addons. Definitely get Cameras Lister as well and the fun can begin.

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