Real Time Animation Addon

The Real Time Animation Addon allows us to make an animation in the timeline just by moving the mouse. For example select a bone, press R in the addon then press R and R again. Then the addon records the movement and write the animation to the timeline.

Below you can see how I used the Real Time Animation Addon.

How the addon Works

Although I didn’t try all options in the addon, I found it already useful by just using the R button. Let’s say you have a bone selected. Then you press the R button in the addon. From that moment, when you press R (and R again) and move the mouse, you see the addon generating keyframes in the timeline. Keep in mind that when you stop moving the mouse, the timeline will stop as well. Not sure how that works, but you can later at a stop by moving the necessary keyframes to the right.

Where to download the addon?

You can download the Real Time Animation Addon on Github. As far as I remember the installation works as usual. Bare with me; If it’s not the case, let me know. I will then take a look at it and write more details about the installation. In Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > install. There you navigate to the .zip file and press install. Then enable the addon, save preferences and refresh. You can find the addon in the N-Panel.

Other addons to use in combination with the Real Time Animation Addon

The Rigify addon, already build in Blender works very nice with the Real Time Animation addon. And to speed up the workflow lighting and rendering the scene you might be interested in the EV Express addon on Blender Market. The later one, is a paid addon, but very handy. (I wrote it myself).

New: With the Material Nodes Addon you can build a material from scratch or improve existing (default) shaders. Procedural Textures have low RAM usage and are fully animatable. Use them when textures are not really need. There are 19 node-groups provided. More to come.

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