Real Scale References is an add-on that streamlines the process of incorporating real-world scale references into Blender projects.

Key Features:

  • Instant Reference Linking: Allows for the quick linking of real-world scale reference models into a Blender project, simplifying the process of maintaining accurate dimensions in 3D creations.
  • Import References Button: Creates a new collection within the project, where it links reference models from a file, providing a streamlined method to incorporate scale references.
  • Customizable Reference Models: Users have the ability to customize the reference models by accessing and modifying them in a blend file located in the add-on’s source folder, tailoring the references to specific project needs.
  • Panel Accessibility: The add-on’s functionalities are easily accessible through a panel in the 3D view’s sidebar (‘N’ panel), under the “View” tab, named “Real scale ref.”
  • Visual Scale Aids: By providing visual references within the Blender scene, the add-on aids in the visualization of the real size of objects, assisting in the creation of models that accurately reflect real-world dimensions.