Runic is an expansive library of symbols and glyphs designed for seamless integration into any curve.

Key features:

  • Expansive Collection: Over 80 Rune types available, with some categories housing more than 1,000 pictographs.
  • Variety of Categories: Historical for authenticity, Magical for spells and sigils, Latin for custom text, and Fictional for fan art and inspiration.
  • Geometry Nodes Powered: Enables swift customization options like extruding, smoothing, and beveling directly within the add-on/modifier.
  • Flexible Integration: Can be used as a traditional add-on or as a standard Geometry Nodes asset by appending the node group.
  • Demo File Included: The package comes with the ‘RealRunes_Demo_Sword_Maker’, showcasing the potential of Real Runes.