Real Camera

The Real camera addon has an auto-exposure that you can bake once you are finished with the animation. Since this is what some camera’s do, it can give a natural tint to your animation.

There are some other settings like Aperture, Shutter Speed and Focal Length but the main point of this addon is the auto-exposure. Higher number for Aperture gives a sharper image. And the shutter speed affects a motion blur effect. You can find all these settings in the Properties Panel > Camera tab. It has not only auto-exposure but also auto-focus features.

How to make the Real camera addon work?

Mind that there are also settings in the Properties panel > Render tab. There you look under “Real Camera”. If the checkbox “Real Camera” is not switched on, autofocus doesn’t work. Also, you have to select rendere preview in the viewport. It doesn’t work in Look Dev mode.

Download and installation

You can download the Real Camera addon on Marco and Richard’s website. Installation is easy. Download the zip-file and in Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Navigate in the Browser to the zip-file and press install. So that is like with most other Blender addons. You have a few options in the preferences as well, like auto-update.

Documentation of the Real Camera addon

There is good documentation available on Google Docs. There is a link in the preferences of the addon to the documentation as well. So that is pretty handy in case you forgot something and want to look it up. No need to Google or Bing for it. (Or find the website).


Very decent presented: good documentation, preferences are good, easy installation, etc. The only thing is you have to keep in mind that some settings are under the camera (properties panel) and other settings in the render tab. So I keep the Real Camera addon around in case I have an animation and want to give it that auto-exposure effect.

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