The RBC Add-on equips Blender users with the tools to create realistic physics-based vehicle rigs efficiently. Available in both free and pro versions, it caters to a wide range of rigging and animation needs.

Free Version Key Features:

  • 1 Rig: Allows for the creation of one vehicle rig.
  • Type: Car: Focused on rigging standard car models.
  • Setup: Basic options for setting up vehicle rigs.
  • Tuning: Essential tuning options for vehicle behavior.
  • Controls: Basic controls for animating vehicles.
  • Collisions Panel: Enables basic collision setups for interactions with the environment.
  • Intuitive Interface: Simplifies the process of vehicle rig setup and customization.
  • Basic Tuning Options: Allows for essential adjustments to vehicle behavior.
  • Vehicle Type Support: Compatible with common vehicle configurations.
  • Control Options: Provides controls for vehicle animation.

Pro Version Key Features:

  • Unlimited Rigs: No restriction on the number of vehicle rigs that can be created.
  • Type: Presets/Custom/QuickRig: Offers a variety of rigging options, including presets, custom configurations, and QuickRig for rapid setup.
  • Advanced Setup: Comprehensive setup options for detailed rigging of vehicles.
  • Advanced Tuning: Extensive tuning capabilities for precise control over vehicle dynamics and behavior.
  • Advanced Controls: Enhanced control options, including advanced drivers and animation tools, for creating complex vehicle animations.
  • Collisions Panel: Advanced collision detection and setup for more realistic interactions between the vehicle and its environment.
  • Asset Browser: Integrated asset browser featuring pre-rigged vehicles for quick inclusion in projects.
  • Advanced Drivers: Enhanced realism with accurate speed conversion and power steering controls.
  • Speedometer: Real-time speed monitoring tool for detailed feedback on vehicle velocity.
  • Guides: Simplified vehicle control through object guides with auto drive, reverse, and brake functionalities.
  • Guide Paths: Allows vehicles to follow predefined curves for smooth navigation across complex terrains.

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