Raymarcher is a shader add-on that offers a simplified yet powerful raymarching method. It is designed to work seamlessly with both Eevee and Cycles, requiring no scripting.

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup: No scripting needed, works with Eevee and Cycles.
  • Primitives and Operations: A range of basic shapes and operations are included for more complex scene creation.
  • Base Nodes:
    • Raymarch Input: Initiates any raymarching shader by providing ray origin and direction input.
    • Raymarch Process: The core of the raymarching algorithm, offering a simplified method for better performance. Multiple iterations can improve accuracy.
    • Raymarch Post: Computes essential data such as Normals, Position, Incoming, Reflection, UVs, and Mask for raymarched objects.
    • Scene: A node where SDF objects are placed and mixed using math nodes.
    • SDF Mix: Utilized for mixing between UVs and Colors within the Scene node.
  • Included SDFs: 5 Point Star, Box, Equilateral Triangle, Extrude, Plane, Segment/Capsule, Sphere, Torus.