RanTools V3.0 All-In-One Addon with Booleans, HDRI and Material Library, and much more! + Giveaway

v3.0 of my All-In-One RanTools (and P-Cutter) Addon is out and it brings with it a lot of new features and updates including a new HDRI Library, Fast Cutter Mode for P-Cutter, Asset Browser support for the Material Library and so much more!

The First 10 People to use the code ‘blenderaddons‘ will get a flat 30% Discount.

Some of the New Features Include:
New HDRI Library and Advanced World Shader:

Fast Cutter Mode for P-Cutter:

Asset Browser Support for Material Library:

Improved Cloth and Cable Simulations:

I am also doing another GIVEAWAY of the addon, for more details please check out this update video:

Complete Changelog:

  • PolyHaven HDRI Library (ALT+N)
  • Advanced ‘RT_World’ Node for HDRIs
  • Fast Cutter mode for P-Cutter
  • New Master Pie Menu
  • Complete Japanese Translation
  • Shortcut Keys under RanTools Preferences
  • Option to use Pie menu for Favorite Modifier Presets (Enable Under RanTools Preferences>Modifier Presets )
  • Remesh using dice in Edit Mode and limit the effect to only the selected faces
  • Option to Adjust Circle segments after the drawing ( Enable under P-Cutter Preferences of RanTools)
  • Option to disable the last shape remembering behavior of P-Cutter.
  • Ability to change the Font Size of the on-screen UI.
  • Added manual for all operators (Press F1 while hovering over an operator)
  • New Help Section in N-Panel.
  • Option to see the final shape while using snapping(On by default. Return to the old behavior by unchecking show final (snapped) shape while using Snapping’ under P-cutter Preferences).
  • Ability to select objects with selected material
  • Material Library now supports marking downloaded materials as assets
  • Setup Materials can now mark all created materials as an asset
  • New Edges pie menu in Edit Mode
  • ID Map Baking for Bake Tools.
  • Ability to bake multiple objects to one single texture
  • Much faster baking when baking multiple objects simultaneously.
  • Shoot Through the mesh for booleans(Key: F1)
  • Faster Boolean Cleanups with auto loop select
  • Better Dice Remeshing
  • Cloth Remesh and Simulation are split into 2 parts now.
  • P-Cutter Grid can be rotated on all axes. (Press ‘`’ to change the axis)

Get the addon here:
Blender Market: RanTools (and P-Cutter) All-In-One Addon
Gumroad: RanTools (and P-Cutter) All-In-One Addon

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