RanTools v2.0 All-In-One Addon with Booleans, Cables, Material Library, and much more! + Giveaway

The much-awaited v2.0 of All-In-One RanTools (and P-Cutter) addon is finally out. And it brings with it a lot of new features and updates including a new Project management feature and complete integration of Synced Modifiers addon (Free on my Gumroad).

Some of the New Features:

Align Grid to Vertex and Face Mirror for P-Cutter
Synced Modifiers Integration
New Project Manager
Material Library and Material Mixing (Node Mixing Menu) (v1.1.0)

I am also doing a GIVEAWAY of the addon, for more details please check out this update video:

Complete Changelog:-

  • Option to align the grid to a vertex normal Ability to mirror a cutter across a face.
  • Synchronized modifiers integration.
  • Quick Modifier Adjust Panel redesign.
  • New RanTools Project Settings to help manage your projects.
  • Preferences UI redesign.
  • Check for updates in the Preferences.
  • Ability to disable/enable any of the panels.
  • Auto Save and load of preferences after every install.

Other Small Updates:

  • Use custom checker texture for Add UV Grid option.
  • Set bake margins for Bake Tools in the preferences(for export to other software like UE)
  • Change Boolean Solver in the cutters Recall list.
  • Dicing fix for Blender v2.93.5
  • Groups can now be named in the lower-left panel right after creating.

The first 10 people to use the code “blenderaddons” will get a flat 25% discount (20% after 10 uses) so if you are interested you can check out the addon here:

Gumroad: RanTools (and P-Cutter) All-in-One Addon

It is also available on Blender Market (Discount code only valid for Gumroad):

Blender Market: RanTools (and P-Cutter) All-in-One Addon

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