RanTools (and P-Cutter) Versatile All In One Blender Addon

RanTools (and P-Cutter) Blender Addon is a collection of Hardsurface tools, Curve Tools, Rendering tools, Lighting tools, Modifier tools, Baking tools, and so much more!

It is your one-stop-shop for tools: bundled with a tool for every need, be it creation, detailing, presentation or rendering.

Tools Included in RanTools (and P-Cutter) Blender Addon:


Draw perfection with absolute precision using the P-cutter.Use grid, inset points, angle snapping, intersect snapping to draw shapes the way they’re meant to be!
Includes the following:
> Two grid types: Grid of points, or lines, whichever you like!
> Dual-mode: Draw meshes or boolean cutters!
> Mirroring and Arraying (both Radial & Linear) support for drawn shapes!
> Inset points for drawing along edges!
> Angle and intersect snapping while drawing!

P-Cutter Demo

Curve Tools

> Creating cables has never been more easier! Two clicks is all it takes!
> Convert single wires to multiples, in a radial or parallel pattern.
> Simulate wires in real-time, with collisions.
> Easy manipulation via 3 empties.
> Put any object onto a curve to create custom cables or coverings.

Curve Tools Demo

Boolean Cleaning

A straightforward, painless solution for cleaning boolean cuts. No more sliding and merging hassles. Precise control via easy-to-use sliders!

Modifier Presets

Save time with modifier presets! Store single modifier settings or even entire modifier stacks as presets! Load them again with a single click, without having to rebuild from scratch! Use these presets to create non-destructive meshes from a single vertex , auto-update object fields of modifiers on an active object with previously selected objects , and much more!

Camera & Rendering Tools

Showcase the best of your art via camera and rendering tools! Set aspect ratio, resolution, shutter speed and focal length, all from one menu with a single click, and effortlessly add backdrops and lights! Using batch rendering tools, create rendering presets and render with different angles, cameras and settings! Also, generate clay and wireframe renders of your models!

Also Includes:

  • BackUp Tools
  • Light Groups
  • Material Tools
  • Texture Baking Tools
  • Node Tools

RanTools (and P-Cutter) Blender Addon Demo:

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One thought on “RanTools (and P-Cutter) Versatile All In One Blender Addon

  • August 4, 2021 at 4:21 pm

    Hi Aman,
    Thanks for the nice article. I have your addon and I am very happy with it. It looks like a treasure box full with useful tools.
    And the coding is excellent. I wish I could code like you.


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