RandoGrid is an add-on designed to create tunnels of random angled grid lines. It is particularly useful for generating unique grid-based structures within Blender.

Key Features:

  • Number of Lines: Allows users to set the number of lines to generate in the grid block.
  • Line Steps (Length): Users can define the number of angled steps each line gets in the block.
  • Start Offset: Provides an option to randomly offset the starting position of each line.
  • Width and Height: Offers random starting offset over the width and height for each line, also used as a constraint when “Limit Width” or “Limit Height” is active.
  • Limit Width and Height: Includes options to limit the width and height of lines to the starting width and height, with certain conditions.
  • Length/Width/Height Step Growth: Users can set the minimum and maximum step size in each direction.
  • Make Curve: Converts the final result from mesh edges to a beveled curve.

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