Ragdoll Tools

Ragdoll Tools is an add-on that simplifies the creation of ragdolls, enabling users to add physics-based animations to their models efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Make Ragdoll from Meshes: Allows the creation of ragdolls directly from mesh objects.
  • Make Ragdoll from Bones: Enables users to generate ragdolls using the armature’s bones.
  • Copy Ragdolls: Provides the functionality to duplicate ragdoll setups, making it easier to apply similar physics attributes across different characters.
  • Set Up Constraint Limits Easily: Simplifies the process of configuring constraint limits.
  • Enable Ragdoll at Any Frame: Offers the ability to activate ragdoll physics at a specified frame within an animation.
  • Copy Animation from Hitboxes to Bones and Back: Supports the transfer of animation data between hitboxes and bones.
  • Non-Destructive Rigs: Ensures that all created rigs are non-destructive.
  • Pie Menu Integration: Consolidates all tools within a pie menu, avoiding clutter in Blender’s panels and streamlining the user interface.

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