RADIANT is an add-on designed to enhance lighting management in Blender. It provides tools to manage lights in a scene through a side panel, offering a visual and organized approach.

Key Features:

  • Light Panel: Lists all lights in a scene on the side panel, allowing for easy access and management.
  • Raymesh: Offers a fake volumetric “Light Ray/Glow” made with mesh and shaders, optimized for Eevee.
  • Radiant Tools: Provides additional minor tools beneficial for various lighting situations, such as creating a mesh from area lights or adding a shadow catcher.
  • Light Properties: Allows for in-depth editing of light properties, such as power, shadow soft size, and more.
  • Light Temperature Control: Enables users to adjust light color using Kelvin temperature.
  • Light Tags & List Filter: Facilitates the categorization and filtering of lights for efficient management.