The R_Array addon allows us to create a radial array of an object with a shortcut and on-screen user interface. Meaning that installing this addon won’t pollute our N-Panel which is a big plus. There are other addon’s that can do a radial array but this is a free one.

How to use the R_Array addon?

First let’s take a look at the preferences. There are some interesting settings. In the preferences you can find: Default Offset, Default Count, Selectable (checkbox), Modal Help (Checkbox), Create New Collection (Checkbox). And we can set the shortcut which is by default Ctrl+Q. This is also for saving the Blend-file, so if that is important to you you will want to change the shortcut. Below an explanation.

  • Default Offset. This setting could be a bit high. I prefer setting it to 2.
  • Default Count. How many duplicates the radial array needs to have.
  • Selectable. If you switch this on, then the object(s) or the radial array are selectable. When switching it off, then only the empty (controller) is selectable.
  • Model Help. When switching this option on, by default the on-screen help will be shown when making a radial array.
  • Create New Collection. When switching this on, the r_array will make a new collection of all the newly created objects.
R_Array preferences
R.Array preferences

Before you start the R_Array, scale your object first. Then, when actually using the addon, Select the object and press Ctrl+Q (Or another shortcut if you made another one in the preferences. Below a screenshot of the on-screen user interface.

R_Arry on screen user interface
R_Arry on-screen user interface.

When you have the above screen and you press J, all objects will be merged. But often that is not what you want. Most likely you want to model further all objects by just modeling one of them. So just left click to finish. See how fun it is to model after that.

Where to download the R_Array addon?

You can download the R_Array addon on Github. The add-on installs as usual. Download the .zip file and in Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Browse to the .zip file and press Install. Activate, save and refresh.

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