QuickTitling is an add-on designed for creating and editing simple scenes for title overlays.

Key features:

  • Title Creation and Editing: Facilitates the creation and real-time editing of title overlays within Blender.
  • Preset Management: Allows users to select, import, and manage presets for titles, including built-in and custom presets.
  • Sequencer Integration: Titles can be edited directly from the Blender Video Sequence Editor (VSE) or the QuickTitling panel.
  • New Title Creation: Users can add new titles from presets directly in the sequencer, with options to overwrite current presets and create titles at the cursor location.
  • Render to Image: Offers the ability to render static images of titles, useful for optimizing timeline performance with non-animated titles.
  • Auto-Update Titles: Includes an option for automatic title updates when settings are changed, which can be disabled for manual control.
  • Preset Editor: Provides an editor for modifying the current preset or title, with options to save custom titles and export presets.
  • Object Editor: Allows editing of individual title objects, with settings specific to different object types.
  • Animation Features: Supports adding animations to title objects, with options for animate in/out, cyclic animations, and randomization.
  • Title Lighting Controls: Includes settings for adjusting light positions, shadow strength, and shadow softness in titles.