QuickSwitch is an add-on designed to enhance workflow efficiency by allowing rapid switching between workspaces and view render menus in the viewport. It provides a pie menu that can be customized based on the order of the WM menu, ensuring that users have immediate access to their most-used workspaces and rendering engines.

Key Features:

  • Quick Workspace Switching: Enables fast and effortless switching between different workspaces.
  • Customizable Pie Menu: Allows users to adjust the pie menu based on the order of the WM menu, ensuring personalized and convenient access.
  • Shortcut Integration: Permits the addition of shortcuts to all workspaces.
  • Render Engine Switching: Offers the ability to quickly switch render engines using a popup menu.
  • Keepmode Feature: Stores the object interaction mode, ensuring that users remain in their selected mode (e.g., weightpaint mode) when returning to a workspace.

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