Quick Toolbox

It’s called the Quick ToolBox for Blender 2.8+ and this addon relieves my frustration finding the tool I am looking for. For example, when you are in sculpt mode and you look for the Cloth Brush. So you know you want the Cloth Brush, and you check the list from top to bottom until you find the Cloth Brush. This can be quite tiring, especially because the brushes are not alphabetically organised. So I am quite happy with the Quick Toolbox Addon. While you have to click a little bit more to get to your brush, you don’t have to look it up in a list. And that searching is quite tiring if you do that the whole day. Sometimes you prefer a click more and search less. So for me that is a relief. And the addon is just two dollars on Gumroad which is fine to me.

How does the addon work.

Once installed, you go in Sculptmode and press B and you will see a popup like the one below:

UI of the Quick Toolbox Addon
UI – Quick Toolbox Addon

On the top right, you see three buttons. The first one is with the cog wheel and that is for: Number of columns, Number of fav columns, Dialog width, change shortcut. The second one is the heart and that will show you fairly quickly your favorite brushes (red heart). The last one is for the preset brushes. So if it’s a bit crowded and you just need the standard brushes then you can filter them away.

The developer explained me you can download for example some brushes on Blendswap and append them. If you now press B in sculpt mode, you will find those brushes back. I tried the brushes out and although I am not a sculpter, I like the brushes. Since these brushes are all starting with a| orb in the name, you will find them under A (see buttons with the alphabet). I find that pretty handy. The addon works also in Texture Paint, Vertex Paint, and Weight Paint.

Where to download the Quick Toolbox Addon

You can get the Quick Toolbox Addon on Gumroad