Quick Studio is a Blender add-on designed to create high-quality scenes for renderings and animations quickly. It includes tools and a full set of editable assets, divided into three main sections: background, lighting, and world, all contained in the same panel. All assets are customizable, easy to use, and fast to render.

Key features:

  • Editable Backgrounds: Includes 16 editable backgrounds, each with its own set of parameters to create unique custom scenes, and 16 materials with 4K textures from ambientCG.com, licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal.
  • Advanced Lighting: Improves light management in Blender with new types of spot, point, and area lights. Features include automatic light targeting, visibility options, spread parameters (Cycles only), and a panel listing all lights with different UI options. Includes 16 lighting presets.
  • World Settings: Allows separate editing of world settings for lighting, camera, and reflections. Additional features include presets saving/loading, HDRI rendering tools, and compositor tools.
  • Presets: Save and load scenes, including background, lights, and world settings, with all parameters in just one click.
  • Render HDRI: Quickly set up scenes to render and save HDRI images.
  • Compositor Tools: Add the Studio Compositor node group for post-processing with key parameters, including fog and DOF effects. Save and load node settings from the compositor side panel.
  • Extra Assets: The included .blend files contain node groups, materials, and models usable inside or outside the Quick Studio add-on, such as procedurally created patterns and graphics.

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