Quick Snow is an add-on designed to dynamically introduce snow into any scene by offering control over the shader. With just a single click, users can transform their entire scene, enveloping every object and material in snow. The materials provided are fully compatible with both Cycles and Eevee, and they come in resolutions of 1K, 2K, and 4K, ensuring a full PBR workflow. Leveraging the capabilities of Geometry nodes, Quick Snow facilitates the rapid creation of snow meshes.

Key features:

  • Geo Snow Mesh: Generate snow mesh using Geometry nodes instantly. Control the coverage of Geo Snow with the raycast feature and create a Geo Snow mesh mask using procedural Noise texture.
  • Environment Effects: Quick Snow comes with built-in presets that manage snow direction, velocity, turbulence, fog, and more.
  • Dynamic Snow Material Creation: The add-on can automatically generate dynamic snow materials for any object, including complex foliage shaders.
  • Snow Displacement: Introduce snow displacement to objects using experimental adaptive subdivision.
  • Animate Snow Coverage: Allows users to animate the snow coverage value or any parameter from the shader node.
  • Auto Gravity Rotate: Ensures that snow remains on top of an object, even when its rotation changes.
  • Blending Features: Offers Normal blend and Pixel blend features for blending snow based on object geometry, normal map, bump, and diffuse map. Users can also control the blend softness.
  • Snow Material Features: Customize snow materials by adjusting tint, softness, wetness, AO, and adding glitters. The Auto Scale feature adjusts the snow texture scale based on the object’s scale.
  • Snow Mask: Provides various masking options like Gradient Mask, Texture Mask, Vertex Paint Mask, Edge and Cavity Mask, and the ability to create custom masks.
  • Snowfall: Create snowfall scenes with built-in presets and generate animated snow fog.
  • Support for the Blender Foundation: A portion of the earnings from Quick Snow is donated to the Blender Foundation to support its growth.
  • Future Updates: Purchasers will receive all future updates for free, which will include new features and snow materials.