Quick Realism is a Blender asset library offering a wide range of baked and unbaked simulations.

Key Features:

  • Baked Simulations: Pre-calculated simulations ready for quick deployment in projects.
  • Unbaked Simulations: Adjustable for detailed personalization according to project requirements.
  • Simulation Categories:
    • Particle Simulation: Includes 2 Falling Leaves Particle Systems, 2 Ground Leaves Particle Systems, 2 Dust Particle Systems, and 2 Moth Particle Systems.
    • Rigid Body Simulation: Features 4 Paper and Bag Simulations with variations for weak and strong wind effects.
    • Cloth Simulation: Comprises Single Strap Simulation, Multiple Strap Simulation, 1 Banner Simulation, 2 Hanging Cloth Simulations, 2 Curtain Simulations, 2 Flag Simulations, and 2 Plastic Wrap Simulations.
  • Easy Usage: Does not require installation but is instead used as an asset library. Users can import simulations by appending them from the file path, enabling repeated use of single simulations across multiple projects.