Quick Landscape is an add-on that provides users with a vast library of 120 landscapes, categorized into hills, mountains, plateau, desert, island, cliff, canyon, crater, and more. Each category boasts four unique variants, streamlining the process of integrating natural terrains into various projects.

Key features:

  • Quickly Add Landscape: Select and integrate a preferred landscape into the scene with ease.
  • Exponential Surface Fog: Utilize Geometry nodes to craft realistic exponential surface fog over landscapes.
  • World Fog: Efficiently introduce world fog into scenes.
  • Control Fog Attributes: Precise control over fog attributes, including texture, scale, density, and more.
  • Anti-Tile Landscape System: Develop an expandable anti-tile landscape system.
  • Ocean Foam: Generate real-time ocean foam on islands and cliffs using Geometry nodes.
  • Cutoff Plane: Produce real-time cutoff planes compatible with any landscape.
  • Control Mesh Quality: Adjust the terrain mesh’s level of detail, optimizing the scene’s balance between quality and performance.
  • Quick and Simple Landscape Material: Customize landscape materials by adjusting color, roughness, normals, and more directly from the panel.
  • Full PBR 4K Landscape Textures: Apply PBR textures to terrains effortlessly.
  • Control from Panels: Access a suite of powerful tools and settings directly from the panels.
  • 120 Landscape Library: A comprehensive library of landscapes, each with four variants.
  • Landscape Pack Versions: Available in two versions – Lite, which includes 47% of the total assets, and Pro, which offers the full collection.
  • Support for Blender Foundation: A portion of the proceeds from Quick Asset Creator is donated to the Blender Foundation.