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Ohw yes, what was that a big hassle in previous Blender versions to use instances. Well in Blender 2.80 not anymore with this Quick Instance Addon by Michael Soluyanov. You can easily group objects (meshes), duplicate that group and edit them at later stage. Such a game changer!

The addon is very simple to use. But there will be one thing you struggle with. That in case you are not going to watch his introduction about the Quick Instance Addon. And that is when you are editing the group (after pressing TAB) you want to go out of Edit mode. To do that, you have to deselect everything (press A and A again) and then you can use the TAB key to go out of edit mode. If you don’t do that then the TAB key has another function depending how you have setup Blender.

Download and installation of the Quick Instance Addon

You can find the download of the Quick Instance Addon on Gumroad. (If you want to donate, you can also purchase the addon.) Then the installation is as usual in Blender 2.80: Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install, and browse to the zip-file you just downloaded.

Quickstart for the Quick Instance Addon

Select two objects, press Ctrl+G, and it will be a group now with an empty. You can duplicate this group by pressing Shift+D for example. And if you want to edit the group you select one and press TAB. Do you editings, and once finished, deselect all by pressing A and A again, and press TAB to go out of edit mode.


  • The addon is free (but you can donate if you want).
  • Makes working with groups and instance very simple
  • Can reduce the use of RAM in case you are going to make a lot of duplicates.

Therefore, I think that this addon will be a succes.

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