Quick Files is designed to streamline the process of accessing blend files directly from the viewport. Instead of navigating through multiple file explorer windows, users can effortlessly view, open, and manage their blend files with just a few clicks.

Key Features:

  • Direct Access from Viewport: Displays a list of all blend files in the project directory without leaving the viewport.
  • Filter and Sort: Offers the ability to filter and sort blend files by name or date, ensuring users can quickly locate the desired file.
  • Open: Provides a straightforward way to open any blend file from the list.
  • Append: Enables users to seamlessly integrate data from any blend file into the current scene.
  • Rename: Facilitates quick renaming of blend files, aiding in project organization.
  • Delete: Allows for the removal of unnecessary blend files, optimizing storage space.
  • Duplicate: Offers the capability to create copies of blend files, promoting experimentation with different project variations.
  • Recent Files Panel: Features a side panel that showcases the most recently accessed blend files, granting swift access to prior work.