Quick Baker is a PBR texture-baking add-on that leverages Blender’s native baking operator to bake PBR, Mesh, Principled BSDF, and Cycles maps. It enhances the baking process, especially for projects involving multiple objects with multiple materials, and offers features designed for both high-to-low and low-to-low poly object baking.

Key Features:

  • Object Bake: Allows baking of single or multiple objects, accommodating complex scenes or individual items.
  • High-to-Low Poly Bake: Supports baking from high-to-low poly as well as low-to-low poly objects.
  • Single Texture Set: Enables the baking of multiple objects and materials into a single texture set.
  • Multiple Texture Set: Allows for baking multiple objects and materials into separate texture sets.
  • Auto Cage: Automatically creates and adjusts cage objects necessary for high-to-low poly baking.
  • Auto UDIM Bake: Capable of automatically baking UDIM maps based on the UV layout.
  • Channel Packing: Packs multiple maps into one image, which is particularly useful for optimizing textures in game engines.
  • Vertex Color for Material ID: Generates vertex color maps for material ID.
  • Existing Texture Bake: Offers the capability to bake directly onto existing texture maps.
  • Map Preview: Provides the ability to preview maps before the final bake, including AO, Curvature, and more, ensuring quality and accuracy.
  • Node Bake: Bakes shader nodes directly into images, capturing complex node setups in simple textures.
  • UDIM Node Bake: Supports baking shader nodes into images for objects with UDIM setups.
  • 50 Unique Maps: Capable of baking up to 50 unique maps, providing extensive coverage for all texturing needs.