Quake Motion Camera

Because there are already excellent tutorials out there about this addon, I show you some advanced tips. Because there are loads of options, I show you first the structure of the addon. This way you can find easier what you need. The Quake Motion Camera Addon by Raisy Clutch has four sections of tools to animate your camera in Blender.

  • Quake Camera Animation, lets you add keyframes manually.
  • The Quake Camera Tools, has tools like follow object and switch camera.
  • Quake Camera Shake is to animate short shocks and bumps.
  • And the last one, Quake Motion Camera is to add continuous noise to the animation of the camera.

In the video you see 3 advanced tips plus an explanation of the structure as described above. Because the tips are advanced it’s for those who have the addon already. Here is the video.

Extra notes about the video

In the video, I show you a limitation in Blender animating rotation. The solution here is to animate an empty. Next, and add a Copy Rotation constraint to the camera. What I forgot to say in the video was that you have to set the Space to “World space to Local Space” in the constraint. Although it is visible what I am doing, I didn’t say it.

Because I use a referral link, I let you know that I don’t post about addons that lack quality or are not useful. It happened before I refused to post about addons. And this add-on by Raisy is worth mentioning; It’s handy, saves time, and you will animate the camera sooner or later.

Where to get the Quake Motion Camera Addon

You can get the Quake Motion Camera Addon on Blender Market After download, unzip the file and there you find documentation, example files and the addons. There is a version for Blender 2.79 and 2.8+